You Can Do What We Do…Make Money and Live Your Dreams

So you say selling travel is NOT your passion? What about being debt free, being able to spend more time with your children, funding a business or cause that IS your passion, or making extra money to save for what you want or need?

Jeff and Bobbie Trimble
Jeff and Bobbie Trimble after being pinned as Gold Builders by CEO of PlanNet Marketing, Donald Bradley.

Travel is an $8 trillion industry and is larger than retail and health and wellness. Let us, show you how to get a BIG piece of the pie.  This is NOT a get rich quick.

I was introduced to InteleTravel by our Campus Pastor, Ferne Sapp, in October 2015.  After hearing the opportunity and completing my own research, the product (Travel) and the compensation plan was so awesome, it just made sense for us to invest in TWO businesses.  My husband and I partnered in the business in November 2015; became company leaders by December 2015; July 2016 we spent time in New Orleans for less than $300 to familiarize ourselves for our clients; and on August 27, 2016, we celebrated the grand relaunch of Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts Ministry because the money we earned through this business was able to help fund one of our passions and dreams.

  1. When you booked your last hotel, cruise, vacation home, flight, rental car, vacation package or event ticket, did you receive the commission or did the person at the hotel, 800-number, or airline keep it?
  2. When you simply shared who did your hair, where you bought your shoes, who does your oil changes, etc. did the company provide you with a referral fee?
  3. If you had your own booking site, commissions already built into low prices so you could compete with major online booking systems, guaranteed lowest prices, free online training, direct access to business partners, and immediate access to every discount imaginable, what would you do?
  4.  If you already sell travel, are your commissions split between you, the host agency, and booking engine (like Priceline), or is there a two-way split to give you more money on everything you sell (You: 70%, Host Agency: 30%)?

One thing I’ve learned from studying some of the wealthiest people in the world is that they don’t go get a second job, they open another business.  The bonus is, we’re in business for ourselves but not by ourselves. We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things and you can too.  When partnering in our biggest project ever, we had a goal to keep our 9-5 jobs, work the travel business part-time (5-10 hrs/wk) while we master the business and build up our partnerships, and use the travel supplemental income to save and relaunch our performing arts studio, my passion.  Our second goal was to share the opportunity with as many professional people who loved to travel, knew other people who they could book travel for, wanted to travel the world for pennies on the dollar and had a dream, goal, or passion, to help others travel the world.

“People over profits” is something we hold true.  One of the most memorable moments in this business venture was being able to make my mother, sister, and close cousin, business owners.   To know that I was in a position to help them obtain their own businesses so that they could start working on their dreams, was truly the moment I knew I would share this business with as many people who would listen because we want to change lives all across this world.  Our team of partners consist of Educators, Principals, Pastors, Salon Owners, Police Officers, Veterans, Childcare Providers, Physicians, Administrators, Stay at Home Moms, CEO’s, CFO’s, Program Managers, Case Managers, and the list goes on.  One of the things we all have in common is that we believe what one of the wealthiest men in the world said, I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort (J. Paul Getty).”

Sure the travel industry is a great business industry to market, but you have to know what you are doing because it is not a walk in the park and InteleTravel is not for everyone.  Gone are the days of traditional marketing to friends and family to make a few quick sales on some Disney Vacation cruises.  Being successful will take more than making calls and putting a few post on Facebook.  Not going to happen that easy, it will take you learning the right skills of lead generation and how to attract a higher quality market of leads.  With our help, we will help you create a secondary website (your primary website is free from InteleTravel) to sell and market travel that cannot be done directly on the primary site.  You will have free access to our partner training series online that’s not available anywhere else and we will walk with you in growing your business, but YOU must be self-motivated.   The truth is you are going to have to learn and test different marketing strategies to generate your own leads and build your own list of qualified prospects for your InteleTravel home based travel business.

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