Military Spouse: Home-Based Business Checklist

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You’ve just received your next PCS orders to another station and you know that you’ll have to quit your job, once again, which will put your career on hold.  Like most military spouses, you’ve had issues finding stable employment because of frequent relocations. But, there’s a way for you to find gainful employment that is portable — home-based business.
Home-based businesses are the predominant form of small businesses, reports the Small Business Association (SBA). In fact, two-thirds of all sole proprietorships, partnerships, and S Corporations are home-based businesses. And, if you have to relocate because of your spouse’s PCS orders, you can take your business with you.  If starting a new venture in the middle of your busy military life is too much to bear right now, PlanNet Marketing, seller’s of the original and best home-based travel business, has 5 ways you can begin your new home-based business without stretching yourself thin.

5 Easy Steps for Starting a Home-Based Business

1.) Start your business on the side: Moonlight in your spare time while keeping your day job. Try to work on your business on the side until you have built up enough earnings to leave your full-time job.
2.) Get a part-time job: A part-time job can provide you with a base income while you’re building up your home-based business.
3.) Share your business: You share or recommend services, hair salons, daycares, etc. all the time, except you don’t get paid for them.  With PlanNet Marketing, you have an opportunity to share your own industry lowest travel deals (cruises, rental cars, event tickets, group travel, and flights) and get paid for doing so.
4.) Never Burn Bridges: The right people can open doors for you. Any former employers, fellow military spouses, or friends can become potential clients or partners for your business.
5.) Treat Your Business as a Work in Progress: Start your business on a slow path. Continue working on it every day, and nurture the business. With the right coaches, business partners and diligence, you will see your business grow.

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Contributed by Bobbie Trimble, PlanNet Marketing